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(Amnesia Sparkles)

Hi I’m Amnesia Sparkles and I’m here to help you forget your boy self and say hello to your beautiful girl self.

We offer full, head to toe, gender-bending transformations.

We create a fun, sexy, and discreet environment where you can set free the girl inside you!

Our femme studio is located 15min from Union Square in Brooklyn NY.

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Our current rates:

If You Need Makeup Only

by Adrian start at $200 
by Amnesia start at $250

Full Transformation w/ Photo Shoot

by Adrian start at $300 (One outfit)
by Amnesia start at $400 (One outfit)

*50 each additional outfit.  Girls typically do two outfits per shoot*

A Femme Time Session
***A Femme Time Session includes Makeup application + hanging out in femme (no photoshoot)***

by Adrian start at $250 
by Amnesia start at $300

You get to hang out in femme for 20mins after you are dolled up. 
$25 each additional 20 mins.

You can try on as many outfits and take as many selfies 
during your session as time allows.

Hotel Makeover / Photoshoot
***within 7 miles from our studio***

by Adrian start at $250 (Makeup Only)
by Adrian start at $350 (One Outfit Photoshoot)

*50 each additional outfit*


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