Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Victoria's Secret: I'm Going Straight?

Last night I hung out with straight guys, at a straight bar, having straight beer, and watched the Victoria's Secret Runway Show. I'm not kidding, I did! While, a half naked Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum shook their ta-tas down the runway I tossed philosophical questions to the horny by now drooling bunch of guys, "If men love Victoria's Secret models and women know that men love Victoria Secret models yet women also know they will never look like a Victoria's Secret model why then do women go out and buy Victoria's Secret lingerie?" A woman buying Victoria's Secret lingerie goes against all that is feminist. Women are simply being manipulated by men and men's idea of what a woman should be/look like. And the best part is, I think women like it when men tell them what to do.

Today I sat down with my roommate's eighteen-year-old daughter and her two friends and had a good two-hour discussion about the differences between men and women, relationships, self-esteem, sexuality, and more....

Full essay in Trans-cending Zine Vol #1 Boy/Girl