Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I Put The Gay On You

Gayness is contagious. Parents, lock up your children or they may get a case of the GAY!

Apparently hanging out with "certain" type of homosexuals can make you GAY, or "more gay" than you really are. Paging Dr. Kinsey!

Here is what Special K had to say about why he's such a flamer. This is after I had dinner with him and his wonderful chef and reality TV reject "friend."

The reality TV reject "confided in me later that I was acting awfully gay around you, which cements my theory that you make me more gay than I am...."

Of course this is coming from someone who flings his hands in the air while speaking as if he's landing a 747. Not to mention he likes to take it up the ass. Oh, but of course, I'm the one who makes him "more gay."

Technically I don't see how anyone can be "more gay" or "less gay," it's like saying you're only bulimic after you eat. I know he's referring to mannerisms, I know, I know.

Full essay in Trans-cending Zine Vol #1 Boy/Girl