Monday, March 07, 2005

ASS-trological Dismissal

:You won't go out with someone because of their sign," Big J asked while we halted on the corner and waited for Special K and Fly G who were both carrying shopping bags. (K's shopping bag consisted of alcohol of course)

"Yeah, he's a Capricorn and I'm an Aries, I would just end up breaking his heart," I said or meant to say while referring to Voodoo Papi from the Bronx who still to this day keeps calling and text messaging me as I ignore his every attempt.

Big J is currently "seeing" someone that we thought to be an Aquarius. On second thought I think he might be a Capricorn. That is if the boy's birthday is between December 22nd and January 20th.

In any event, since I love to give a friend a helping hand (wink) I thought to give not only Big J but all Cancerian a little Ass-trological help.

Here are your best matches you Cancerians:

Pisces individuals are drawn to Cancerian's sense of home, health and well being. Pisces feel secure, as the Cancer likes to take charge. Cancer provides the emotional security that Pisces long for. This partnership makes a good match! Compatibility Rating = 10.

The intimacy created between these two the minute they meet could be compared to fireworks. The only difference is that their light will outlast the best fireworks display. They are compatible in and outside of the bedroom. Scorpio's jealous is balanced by the cancer. Compatibility Rating = 10.

There is a lot going on between these two (thoughts, personalities and values match) and a lot has to do with the home. It's the Taurus who can deal with cancer moodiness. And that's a feat in and of itself! They have the hardiness to make it! Compatibility Rating = 10.

There is an interaction where the mind meets the body in this paring. This can turn the romance into a creature comfort relationship where the two mates balance each other. The relationship provides steadiness. Compatibility Rating = 10.

Now, go out there and get the best Ass Match!

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The NY Post may be a crappy newspaper but I love their horoscope. If you are an Aries like me and Mariah check this out:

Success more often comes to those who expect to be successful than to those who expect to fail, so set your sights high and do not doubt for a moment that you will reach the top of your chosen field of endeavor. Believe there is nothing that you cannot do and no door that will not be open for you and your belief will make it a fact.